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Apad Android Touch Screen Tablets – iPad Clone – Chinese eBook Reader

Apad touch screen tablet computers running Google Android for sale in our Chinese iPad clone store. We carry the best three touchscreen apad tablets available today at the most affordable price. Right now there is a lot of competition to find the touch screen tablet that is the best iPad alternative.

We have done a lot of research, testing different models, and weeding out the junk. We have simplified the shopping platform: Good, Better, and Best. By providing only three models we can provide you with easy choice selection with the guarantee you will be getting a quality tablet that fits your needs.

2gb Android Touch Tablet eBook Reader

only $149.99 with FREE SHIPPING!
Our entry level 2gb model will do what most users need including email, web browsing, and eBook reading. Ability to download Apps in the App Marketplace. Recommended for eBook reading and web surfing.

4GB Chinese iPad CloneBETTER
Only $199.99 with FREE SHIPPING!

Our mid-level touch tablet provides full functionality. Run apps, browse the internet, contact friends through email, skype, and instant messaging, take pics or vids with the webcam, play games, and so much more. Recommended for all purpose internet/entertainment device.

8GB Chinese iPad Clone Alternative Touch Tablet Runs Google AndroidBEST!
Only $229.99 with FREE SHIPPING!

The ultimate business or entertainment device, this touch tablet will make you forget you ever needed a laptop. Type word documents on the go, hit up all your contacts on the internet or email, and store thousands of music, pictures and video with the large 8 gigabyte storage hard drive. This device is the closest alternative to the iPad we have found.